Dollhouse by
Tamryn Walker

This eCommerce site built through the Shopify platform is one of our favourite projects and briefs to date! Bringing to life the magic, vision, and wonderland that is Tamryn Walker, which is so eloquently portrayed through every detail of her handmade and one-of-a-kind items, allowed us carte blanche to curate and design a shoppable website appealing to both local and international clients.

The bespoke website development was a full works project, and required everything from domain registration with email setup, payment portal setup and integration, theme and layout development with mobile responsive design, social media integration, custom notifications, and search engine optimisation for meta-tagging and images.

Bold Aesthetic

In finding the perfect balance between bold visuals and vibrant garments, we incorporated a gold accent colour to complement the Dollhouse by Tamryn Walker logo. This created a luxe feel, while enhancing the functional elements of the website such as the call to action icons, navigators and descriptors.

Intuitive Navigation

Customer journey development is essential for not only a great customer experience but to ensure a high-converting website. By creating visual navigation on the homepage, with a complementary drop-down menu for secondary navigation, customers are able to shop across categories with ease, while simultaneously being presented with the full range of garments.

Local & International Shopping 

Custom back-end setup and app integrations allow for ease of checkout with accurate shipping information for the global shopper! Customers receive automated notifications throughout every step of their purchasing journey, from orders and payment receipts to delivery fulfillment.

Social & Third Party Integration

Social media integration is enabled for live feed updates on the website, as well as backlinking products for cross-platform shop-ability. Facebook Shop, along with product and store links in Instagram Shop allows for an immersive full-screen storefront experience within the social media environment.