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Lizzy Blossoms Floral Designs

Lizzy Blossoms Floral Designs are a master of their craft and live their absolute passion through their floral creations. Based in Bedfordview Johannesburg  servicing custom events, venues, franchise retailers, and professional services, they found the demand for their offering extended past their physical store presence and thus the requirement  to create an online shop that brings these arrangements to the greater Johannesburg region was borne.

The bespoke website development was a full works project, and required everything from domain registration with email setup, payment portal setup and integration, theme and layout development with mobile responsive design, content and copywriting, social media integration, custom notifications, and search engine optimisation for meta-tagging and images. The website has been built through the Shopify platform.


Femme & Floral Design

The joy and beauty of floral creations is the theme for the Lizzy Blossoms website, and by using this as the foundation for the layout and design, we incorporated vibrant verdant imagery set against a crisp and modern background throughout the site. We paired this with a mid-century modern Serif font to pay homage to the vintage yet classic style which has resulted in a very eye-catching and engaging user experience.


Category Development & Dual Navigation 

Shoppers process information in two ways on a website, either visually or textually. By understanding this, we have used site navigation to guide the various collections and product types, which is essential for customer journey development and ease of shopping on the site. A hamburger menu has been incorporated to showcase the various categories across occasions and floral design types, while vibrant imagery has been used to portray these categories on the homepage.


Dynamic Checkout with Order Note & Date Selector

As with the nature of Lizzy Blossoms orders being gifts and well wishes, it was essential for custom notes to be included with delivery details. Along with a delivery date selector, the custom order notes functionality was incorporated to allow customers to personalise their messages with each arrangement sent.


Delivery Rate & Zone Customisation

Being exclusive to the greater Johannesburg region, Lizzy Blossoms required custom delivery rates per delivery zones to be incorporated automatically into the shipping rates at checkout. This was achieved through backend definition and customisation of multiple delivery zones, each with its own shipping rate based on geolocation, which bills customers accordingly once they have input their area code.


* As with all WC websites, we offer a Build, Develop, Train, and Handover approach, allowing business owners and entrepreneurs full control over their assets and business once the site has been developed, with ongoing support and continuous health checks. The site images and layout may be different from those shown above.

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