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Just Teddy

Fine Boulangerie & Patisserie

Just Teddy Fine Boulangerie & Patisserie brings to life the wonders of the Middle East, infused with Parisian flair, through edible delights. The requirement to extend their indulgent in-store experience to at-home dining was fast-tracked during the pandemic in order to adapt to the new way in which customers engaged with and enjoyed the brand. 

The website refresher and redesign allowed us to elevate their current website to include a luxurious aesthetic for both desktop and mobile browsing, collection development and product categorisation, dynamic checkout with delivery date and time selector, custom order notifications, and search engine optimisation for meta-tagging and product images. The site has been built through the Shopify platform.

JT LandingPage
JT Mobi

Tangible Luxury

Just Teddy are synonymous with high-end and luxury-inspired patisserie and boulangerie, and this luxe aesthetic directed every aspect of the website design and layout. Bold, premium and crisp imagery paired with deep tones and gold accent colours, used in the key navigational elements and dynamic checkout buttons, has created a chic and aspirational aesthetic for the website. 


Collection Development & Product Categorisation 

Navigation is guided by the collection development and the way in which products are categorised, and is essential for customer journey development and ease of shopping on the site. We have incorporated a drop-down hamburger menu to show the master categories across Boulangerie and Patisserie, while vibrant imagery is used on the hompeage to showcase the extended product range available under the master categories.

JT Patisseries

Frequently Updated Themes, Images & Offering

From seasonal celebrations to romantic revivals, Just Teddy are continuously updating their physical shop-front and online offering to keep the Parisian patisseries flowing and the Middle Eastern magic alive! Content consistency is essential, and this requirement challenged us to introduce a format and layout of the online site that allows for not only efficient and immediate imagery refresh but product and collection updates with interchangeable header images.


Dynamic Checkout with Delivery Date & Time Selector

Just Teddy creations are borne from the love of bringing families together, a true celebration in every meal, and this sentiment extends to their at-home offering. One of the key delivery requirements was to allow consumers to select their preferred date and time for delivery, along with special delivery instructions. We achieved this through a dynamic checkout functionality, and introduced a custom plugin allowing for a date and time selector. This also enabled the Just Teddy team to manage their delivery schedules with their physical store requirements.

JT Checkout

* As with all WC websites, we offer a Build, Develop, Train, and Handover approach, allowing business owners and entrepreneurs full control over their assets and business once the site has been developed, with ongoing support and continuous health checks. The site images and layout may be different from those shown above.

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