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Growing Up Africa

Growing Up Africa is a non-profit organization founded by Deborah Terhune, that drives research-based development and design to build and equip resilient education structures to be used by poor and needy communities for a future of ecological, social, and economic sustainability.

A woman with a remarkable vision and commitment to Impact Investing in under-served and under-resourced areas of South Africa, Terhune believes in “leveraging with intention” through an ever-expanding network of like-minded companies and individuals.

The Growing Up Africa website required a refresh and update, including the additional requirements for a Blog Post and Donations link for local and international donors. The website has been built and hosted in Wix.

GUA Desktop

Website Fresher Up

By honouring the aesthetic and layout of the original website, we refreshed the content and copy, while improving the layout, functionality, and user journey. A clean and minimalistic approach to navigation, imagery, and content flow has been introduced to showcase their projects and initiatives.

GUA Landing Page

Content & Copywriting Updates

Being a content-rich website, we incorporated a clean and minimalistic approach to the site layout. Vibrant imagery often says more than copy-heavy and long scrolling pages, and we have brought in the powerful references from Growing Up Africa's projects as headline visuals with strong calls to action. This gives users the opportunity to explore topics, projects, and information further.

GUA Content & copywriting

Blog Posts & Emailer Campaigns

By nature of their projects, Growing Up Africa requires continuous communication with their suppliers and donors, providing progress reports and updates on both project status and contributions. These updates are formatted and executed through the MailChimp platform, and converted into a dedicated Blog Posts page on the website.

GUA Blog Posts

PayPal International Donation Integration

Growing Up Africa is a multi-national organisation, and receives contributions, sponsorships and donations from companies and individuals across the globe. We incorporated a 'Donate' button into the website that links directly to the globally accepted PayPal portal.

GUA Donate
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