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Boho Bali 
Handmade Sandals & Bags

Boho Bali, built through the Shopify platform, has been one of our favourite projects to design and develop. Working closely with the brand, we interpreted their bold and bohemian aesthetic into a modern and fun shopping site, establishing an easy to navigate shopper journey throughout. Their bespoke, handmade creations have been the focal point and muse for the design and layout of the site, with vibrant imagery and detailed product shots the hero of the website.

The bespoke website development was a full works project, and required everything from domain registration with email setup, payment portal setup and integration, theme and layout development with mobile responsive design, social media integration, custom notifications, and search engine optimisation for meta-tagging and images.


Vibrant Website Design

The Boho Bali aesthetic is very bold, bright, and colourful, and to showcase the detail of their range, a clean and modern website layout was incorporated to enhance the vibrancy of the product and lifestyle visuals. Monochrome accent colours and navigation icons allow for the focus to be centred around the products themselves.


Dedicated FAQ Page

Access to information is essential for high-converting websites. Be it about shipping and delivery details, payments, or sizing, the easier it is for consumers to have the right information as and when they require it, the higher the conversion rate of a website. A dedicated Frequently Asked Questions page has been included, answering all potential questions consumers may have about the Boho Bali range.


Bold Hero Product Features

As with the clean and modern layout of the website, it was imperative to include a bold hero product feature on the homepage. The requirement for Boho Bali to highlight a hero product comes with the nature of their exclusive range of regularly updated products, allowing the homepage feature to constantly provide new and updated styles and inspiration for shoppers.


Social & Third Party Integration

Social media integration is enabled for live feed updates on the website, as well as backlinking products for cross-platform shop-ability. Facebook Shop, along with product and store links in Instagram Shop allows for an immersive full-screen storefront experience within the social media environment.


* As with all WC websites, we offer a Build, Develop, Train, and Handover approach, allowing business owners and entrepreneurs full control over their assets and business once the site has been developed, with ongoing support and continuous health checks. The site images and layout may be different from those shown above.

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